TROGSTA HONUNG is an enterprise which produces honey
at TROGSTA and surrounding villages. The honey we produce, we
sell from our shop, at fairs, and through our website.
We are Environment Certified through 
and very focused on ecological production.

During the summer 
TROGSTA HONUNG give cources in beekeeping.

   TROGSTA HONUNG is located in a typical Hälsingland farm and is
beautifully situated at lake Kyrksjön, close to the village Sörforsa,
facing the blue mountains

   TROGSTA HONUNG has the ambition to promote locally produced
products and co-operates with other local producers.
Besides honey we sell, among other things, mutton sausages,
cheese cake, and traditional crispbread (locally made)

TROGSTA HONUNG has a minor assortment of 
tools for beekeeping.
Make a phonecall, surf the site or mail us for information.